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It's All About the Experience...

Hello there… it is very nice to meet you. Let me take your coat and pour you something to drink. Whatever you like, I can make it.


My name is Samantha Evans. I have been in Texas for over half of my life, but I have been all over the country. I come from a military family, so I have a great respect for our service men and women. I am a frequent traveler, and I love to learn about other places and cultures.

I am a jill-of-all-trades. I have a degree in Biochemistry, I have an impressive work resume, and I have owned several businesses. I am a chef in the kitchen, a bartender at the bar, but what I am best at is curating a unique one-on-one experience with someone special.

I have always loved people. The thing that makes me happiest is making someone smile. I know we will have a great time together.

Interests of mine include: fine dining, dancing, anything horror-related, outdoorsy, artistic, and intellectual. I also enjoy gardening and raising fish and other animals. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I can’t wait to learn about you!

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My stats:

I am 5’4, curvy with 36 G’s and a size 8 in shoes.


Anything else you need to know? 😉

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